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  • Covid-19 Related Policy Changes

    We are thankful for everyone who came out and supported us in the unusual year that was 2020. We hope this finds you safe, hopeful and even at times joyful. Like most, our holiday season was quieter than usual and while we missed gathering with family and friends, we did find ourselves with more time to explore outside which included lots of otter and bird watching.
    As we enter 2021, we are and hopeful that by summer a combination of vaccines and more effective therapeutics will bring some sense of normality to the coming season. Of course things are still pretty uncertain and we will let you know as season gets closer what this year's policies will look like.

    We feel an enormous amount of responsibility to keep everyone safe and healthy and we expect everyone who visits this summer will do their part to keep everyone safe. The first thing you can do is read through the policy changes outlined below so you know what to expect during your visit this summer. We realize it's rather lengthy but we feel that more information is better than less. We will also have signs and reminders up around camp as well to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

    Also please be aware,we give tours to a couple hundred people a week and so it is very important that we are not actually coming in contact with that many persons. For our safety and our guests' safety it is really important that we maintain at least six feet of physical distance from our customers at all times and we will be wearing masks. We appreciate your cooperation with all of this and look forward to hosting you this summer.

    Policy Changes due to Covid 19


    You can still cancel for Covid-19 related reasons at any time and receive a full refund.

    Please reschedule or cancel your visit if in the 14 days prior you have:

    -had cold or flu symptoms, (or have had contact with someone who has)

    -traveled outside Canada, (or have had contact with someone who has)

    -been in contact with someone with Covid-19

    -have been tested for Covid-19 and are awaiting results (or have had contact with someone who is)


    Please bring your own dishtowels and dish clothes as we will not be providing them this year.


    Check-ins will be between 3:00 pm and 9:00 pm. We are unable to accommodate requests for early check-ins this year.

    There may be a short wait if you arrive immediately after someone else as we cannot provide group tours this year and as we will not be bringing our children on tours this year there may not be someone available one of us is already showing someone to their unit.

    In order to minimize everyone's exposure we will not be entering building while giving tours as it becomes difficult to maintain 6 feet of distancing indoors.

    If you have been here before you and know where to go you can send us a text or call to say you have arrived and check yourself in.


    Check-outs must be no later than 11:00 am. You are welcome to stay on site until 1:00 pm but must have completely vacated your unit by 11:00 as we need to be sure we have enough time to safely clean and sanitize for new guests.

    This year we are asking all guests to sweep their unit and open all windows before leaving to minimize any exposure to your air-born droplets when we come to clean.

    Like other years, please empty the garbage and recycling and make sure all dishes are clean before checking out.

    Physical Distancing:

    Please adhere to at least 2 meters (6 feet) physical distancing at all times for people outside of your group. When possible we ask that you leave more than 2 meters (6 feet). It's a big property and we don't want people to be made unnecessarily uncomfortable.

    Shared Spaces:

    All shared spaces and high-touch areas will be sanitized 3 times daily. We appreciate your assistance in keeping these areas as clean as possible which will allow us to efficiently do this.


    Shared washrooms and shower facilities are permitted to be open in campgrounds in Ontario. These will be cleaned and sanitized three times / day.

    We expect everyone to make an extra effort this year to keep the washrooms clean. We are putting a poster in each washroom detailing exactly how to use the composting toilets, along with paper towel and a bottle of disinfectant (out of reach of children) available in case they are needed.

    Parents please accompany your children to the washroom if they need help to use it properly.

    Adults please go to bed before getting too tired and or tipsy to used the washroom in a sanitary way.

    Please call or text us immediately if a washroom needs cleaning.

    Please leave the door open after use of the shower or washroom. This will help maximize ventilation which has been shown to help limit the spread of Covid-19.

    We will be wearing protective gear when cleaning washrooms. This is to keep ourselves and everybody safe.

    Docks and Swimming:

    We have expanded our docks to allow social distancing. Please make sure you social distance from other groups while on the dock. If the docks are full and other groups are clearly waiting please limit your time on the dock to an hour.

    If you want to sit near the water but aren't planning to swim there are two picnic tables that may be used while the docks are occupied and we are adding additional sitting areas in the spring of 2021.

    Looking to extend your swim time? We recommend bringing swim shoes for entering the water in other locations along our shore or visiting one of the nearby beaches either in town (Keewatin and Norman Beaches) or along the trails (Tunnel Island and Vernon Nature Area)


    There is no time limit on use of watercraft. If another group is using the dock please try to enter and exit the watercraft from the shore instead of the dock.

    Paddles and life jackets will be stored in the waterfront shed. After use they need to be hung outside the building to be sanitized. Please allow one group to finish in the storage building before entering and leave the door open to maximize ventilation.

    We will sanitize and put away the used paddles and life-jackets every evening. There will be a sanitizing spray available (out of children's reach) in the shed which you can use if you require a life-jacket or paddle that has already been used that day.


    The playground will be limited to one family/social bubble at a time.


    We are hoping to build an additional sauna in the spring of 2021. The sauna(s) will be available on a first come first serve basis and will be cleaned with our regular washroom rounds. Please leave them open for venting when not in use. The cost will be $10 to cover firewood for the sauna. 


    We will not be providing anything that requires laundering this year.

    We will not be providing dish clothes or towels.

    We are no longer providing the option of paying extra for bedding, linens or towels.

    We have removed the pillows from the day beds in the Tiny Cabins as they are difficult to sanitize.

    Other Changes

    The dishwater jugs will contain a small amount of bleach. We will continue to provide drinking water as well.

    Firewood is still $10.00 per bag and payment can be left on the table in the unit at check-out.

    We will have extra dishwater and drinking water jugs available. These will be located in the same locations as bags of firewood.


Prospector Tents

Prospector Tents

Situated on a hilltop among burr oak, white pine and birch, our fully-furnished canvas lodge-pole prospector tents offer the opportunity to be surrounded by the beauty of nature while still providing protection from its less comfortable elements. The netting on the front means the canvas flaps can be left open to allow breezes to enter and also provides views of the stars.

Log Cabins

Log Cabins

Built with timbers from a local sawmill, our dove-tail log cabins offer an ideal home base to venture out from and explore the surrounding land and lake. All three cabins have a cathedral ceiling with a loft sleeping area, large windows that let in lots of natural light and contain simple, rustic furnishings. They are equipped with a woodstove, kitchenette, composting toilet and solar lighting. Outside they have a porch with comfortable seating as well as a picnic area with additional seating and fire pit with a grill.

Tiny Cabins

Tiny Cabins

Inspired by the space-saving design of tiny homes and bowler campers, these cabins are by far our cutest offering. Built with sturdy dovetail pine, and situated on a cliff overlooking the lake these cosy units contain everything you need to make them your tiny home away from home.

Burdock Tiny Home

Burdock Tiny Home

Beautifully located on the south shore of Mink Bay, this rustic tiny home with large windows overlooking the lake offers a cozy spot to get away. A large porch and picnic area provide instant immersion in the surrounding forest while a private canoe gives you immediate access to the lake. Burdock is equipped with a wood stove, kitchenette, indoor composting toilet and a firepit with a grill. It is our only unit with full power service.