Things to Do


Next to Wild Woods Hideaway is the Mink Bay trail system, which includes 4.5 kilometres of hiking trails, located on 90 acres of land that the city of Kenora has designated as environmentally and historically significant and includes a Provincially significant wetland. The trail system is accessible via a foot path from our land.  There are two additional trail networks located within 5 kilometres of us: the Vernon Nature Trails  and The Tunnel Island Trails. A list of all hiking and walking trails in the area can be found here.


Mink Bay warms up quicker in the spring than most surrounding bodies of water which makes for a long season of comfortable swimming.  We have a dock for swimming in the bay and our family usually swims at least once a day from mid- May until near the end of September.  On still days you can slip into the glassy water reflecting the blue sky above and “swim in the sky” as one of our children likes to say. If you are looking for a beach, there are several located within a few kilometres of us (Keewatin and Norman public beaches) If you are interested in a hike and a swim we can direct you to several other small hike-in beaches our family frequents.


We have canoes available for use by our guests. You are also welcome to bring your own if that is your preference. Mink Bay is an ideal body of water for those without much canoeing experience (or with small children along) as it rarely has large waves or motorized boats.  If you are looking to explore beyond the bay, there is a tunnel that leads from the bay into the Winnipeg River.  Depending on the water level, you may need to make a short portage to get back into Mink Bay.  If this is the case we can direct you on the best spots to get in and out.



We currently have 2 kayaks available for use by our guests.  You are also welcome to bring your own.  Experienced paddlers will likely want to leave Mink Bay via the tunnel beneath the railroad tracks and explore the Winnipeg River system. Depending on the water level you may need to make a short portage to get back into Mink Bay. If this is the case we can direct you to the best spots to get in and out.

Stand Up Paddleboard

We currently have 2 SUPs available for guests to use.  You are also welcome to bring your own. We ask that our SUP’s remain in Mink Bay.


Mink Bay is connected to both Lake of the Woods and the Winnipeg River and has a similar variety of fish. We mostly catch Northern Pike, Muskie and Walleye but also regularly get Perch and Bass.  We do not have a boat launch so fishing is either from canoe, kayak or the shore (just not within 100 meters of the dock to protect those swimming there).  Please note that an Ontario Fishing license is required for all fishers over the age of 17 years.

Wood-Fired Sauna

We have a wood-fired sauna that can seat up to 8 people.  There is a $10 fee that covers wood for the sauna rental.  For a truly refreshing experience try alternating between sauna sessions and dips in the lake in the summer or rolls in the snow in the winter.


We have a play-structure for your little ones to climb, slide and swing on. The structure is located in a shady meadow with lots of open space nearby to run, roll and play. We also have croquet and ladder-ball equipment available to use in the space. Children using the playground must be supervised by an adult.

Watch for Wildlife

Mink Bay has been designated a provincially significant wetland and many birds and other animals either make their homes along its shores or stop in during their seasonal migrations. Depending on the time of year you can expect to see a variety of songbirds, waterfowl including pelicans and loons, eagles, spruce grouse, deer, rabbits and beavers.  We have also seen river otters, mink, wolves, foxes, herons, owls and bears though not as regularly.  There is also a great diversity of plant life growing along Mink Bay with an incredible array of wildflowers that change with the seasons.