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  • Burdock Tiny Home

    Burdock Tiny Home

    Beautifully located on the south shore of Mink Bay, this rustic tiny home with large windows overlooking the lake offers a cozy spot to get away. A large porch and picnic area provide instant immersion in the surrounding forest. Burdock is equipped with a wood stove, kitchenette, indoor composting toilet and a firepit with a grill. It is our only unit with full power service.

  • Retro Camper

    Retro Camper

    Located near the lake offering beautiful sunset water-views our charming retro camper provides a classic and cozy camping experience.

  • Tiny Cabins

    Tiny Cabins

    Inspired by the space-saving design of tiny homes and bowler campers, these cabins are by far our cutest offering. Built with sturdy dovetail pine, and situated on a cliff overlooking the lake these cosy units contain everything you need to make them your tiny home away from home.